About us

4Jl4Ku3klljpfSpZeHhW9WwCebfc4u7nSlu20tz0S-k (1)Ms. Angelina Abukhadra, owner and manager of At Work Immigration, is a licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant, in good standing, of the ICCRC.

Angelina has gained quite an experience through working with law firms specializing in immigration matters. She has successfully helped numerous individuals and families realize their dreams of immigrating, studying, working and living in Canada.

As part of her continuous improvement, Angelina consistently attends seminars and presentations related to new laws and changes in the immigration regulations, to ensure her firm is up to speed on all related matters.

Angelina holds a Masters degree in Educational Counselling. Prior to establishing her Canadian based firm, Angelina spent 16 years working with groups, parents, educators and students, helping them make changes to achieve their life and educational goals. She’s very experienced in providing support and guidance to assist individuals in overcoming obstacles related to education and to their everyday life.

Thanks to her long counselling experience, Angelina’s attentiveness to individuals’ requirements, added to her attention to small details, and thorough knowledge of the Canadian Immigration laws and regulations, give her an edge in matching the optimal immigration program for each individual/group, which results in the proper submission of each application.