Refugees and protected persons

The Government of Canada has always been the pioneer in seeking to help those who are in danger of torture, cruel treatment, or whose lives are at risk.  Canada offers asylum to those with legitimate claims and need for protection. As an immigration consultancy service providers our role is to support refugee claimants in every way possible and to provide them with representation in their application for Refugee Protection in Canada.

Criteria for refuge claimant application:

– Must face a substantial danger of torture
– Risk to their life
– Risk of cruel and unusual treatment or punishment that is not faced by everyone else in their country.
– Inability to avail themselves of the protection of their country.
– Fearful to return to their own country due to life threatening circumstance; knowing they are not safe in any part of their country.

If you are inside Canada and feel that you meet the above criteria or if you are outside Canada and hold a refugee certificate, we can represent you in filing a refugee claim,  you may contact us at or call us at 647.637.1611